SHIFT refers to the photographic method of avoiding converging vertical lines.
For me SHIFT means to capture architecture beyond its functionality as well.

Hoffnung für Dahlem


The article „Hoffnung für Dahlem“ is about the reuse of the Dahlem museums – the buildings by Fritz Bornemann – and the move to the new Museum Humboldtforum in Berlin-Mitte. Commissioned by Architektenkammer Berlin, written by Nikolaus Bernau. Published in Deutsches Architektenblatt, issue #5 · 2017, DAB regional Berlin. Courtesy: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz.


Berlin | Chronik 2016


The Chronik 2016 is a notification of Architektenkammer Berlin, written by Louis Back. It documents the progress in architecture in and out of Berlin. The Chronik 2016 has been published in the regional issues #1 and #2 in Deutsches Architektenblatt.


Salomonstift Leipzig


The apartment estate „Salomonstift“ in Leipzig was built in 1890, 1892 and 1899 by the Salomon Foundation. The houses are named after the founder Julie Salomon and her husband Julius, and the names of her two daughters Hedwig Holstein and Elizabeth Seeburg.
The „Salomonstift“ is added to the list of monumental protection of the city. The seven buildings, now with balconies, are facing the inner courtyard designed and arranged around a large garden and parking spaces. A project by Thamm & Partner.


LED lighting solutions from Osram support the Havi Logistics sustainability initiative

Application, Havi Logistics-1476

Osram Lighting Solutions drew up a cross-location LED lighting concept for Havi Logistics based on energy audits implemented throughout Europe. In Neu-Wulmstorf, near Hamburg, the challenge for me was to shoot at 23 degrees below zero Celsius in the freezer. All the equipment must cool down about an hour before the shooting. The camera must be cleaned and dried out after shooting and can not be re-used immediately because of condensation.


Apartment building association


22 apartments, 2800 square meters, underground parking, shared apartment and shared roof terrace, a community garden with summer kitchen. The apartment building association with shared spaces is located in Berlins Prenzlauer Berg quarter and is designed by plaanpool architekten.